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Music in a big part of my life. I take it very seriously, mostly because I enjoy it so much. My tastes span decades and genres, but I have to confess, screaming electric guitars figure large in my listening choices. Here's a sample of what's on my short list. These are all on my Bucket List (the list of songs I'd like to listening to when I kick the the bucket):

Title Artist Album Guitarists (if different from Artist)
Machine Gun Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsies  
Traveling in the Dark Mountain Nantucket Leslie West
It's My Fault Johnny Winter And Live Johnny Winter
Rick Derringer
Magna of Illusion Blue Oyster Cult Imaginos Robby Krieger
Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd The Wall Dave Gilmour
Pride and Joy Stevie Ray Vaughn Texas Flood  
Lazy Deep Purple Machine Head Ritchie Blackmore
Crossroads Cream Wheels of Fire Eric Clapton
Since I've Been Loving You Led Zeppelin IV Jimmy Page
Messin' Manfred Mann's Earth Band Get Your Rocks Off Mick Rogers, guitar
Can't You Hear Me Knocking Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers Keith Richards
Mick Taylor
Willie the Pimp Frank Zappa Hot Rats  

These aren't necessarily my 12 favorite songs (although, as I said, they are on my list) but they are representative of the styles of guitar playing I like to listen to (and wish I could play.) In general, you'll find a strong blues influence, lots of string bending and various kinds of distortion. It is, for the most part, music played loud. Some of it even said that on the liner notes.

I'll add more things to the list, but before that happens, each item on the current list, each song, each band, each guitarist, will have a link to follow to find out more about why each of them are on the list in the first place. I hope you find those notes interesting, enlightening or at least not boring. I hope at the very least you take a list to what's here and decide for yourself if it deserves to be on your list.

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